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Quality policy

Quality policy

Company’ s Quality policy is based on the following values:

  1. Customer orientation. All activities are strictly customer oriented. Customer’ s wishes are of utmost importance for all REALSTAV - Slovakia employees and thus:
    • The customer gets only the best what we do.
    • We do only what the customer needs.
    • The customer is treated both as a human being and as a consumer.
    • The customer is seen as a source of information, what is confirmed by a feedback comparing the result with the intention (the one, who is afraid of bad news will never get really good news).
    • We look at the quality through the customer’ s eyes. It is the customer who designs the quality criteria and the yardsticks to measure them.
    • We go to the customer, not the customer goes to us.
    • Meeting the customer’ s requirements is the top goal of ours.
  2. Quality is not a chance, it is the result of previous careful planning activities.
  3. Permanent responsibility of top management for the quality of all work and the engagement of all employees in the Quality management system is for us a guarranty of optimism for the future.
  4. Each and every employee is responsible for the quality of his/her work thus the quality is a commonplace (also invisible places are without any flaws).
  5. Each and every employee is responsible for his/her activities in public.
  6. Conflicts in work are expensive and costly , so we prevent them by a team cooperation and by deepening of mutual confidence.
  7. We cooperate with reliable suppliers only, with those who meet our requirements.
  8. We are for achieving active objectives securing permanent improvement instead of passive objectives resulting in stagnation.
  9. Defects and problems removal is the cheapest at the place of their origin. In the customer’ s place the corrective activities are the most expensive. A defect is just a demonstration of weakness located deeper in the quality management system. Overcoming it promises strengthening in the future.
  10. We are all for development in small steps but on the firm foundations.
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